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Technology & Innovation

We support innovation and technology development advising and implementing the best strategy regarding intellectual property and data protection.

Also, as a contribution to innovation ecosystem, we help startups throughout their growth path.

Business law

We help to build optimal corporate and tax solutions supporting our clients from A to Z in contract negotiations, corporate governance systems, mergers and acquisition strategies.


We possess insights and know-how on the procedures of individual immigration, corporate migration and citizenship application. We customize our solutions to the needs of each particular client.

Qualified professionals

Fabio Azzolina
Founding Partner

Fabio practices corporate and commercial law, ICT and IP, privacy, and real estate. His activity is largely international, representing clients in cross-border transactions on multi-jurisdictional matters. He is a Business Angel and the founder of StartUp Legal.

+39 02.80896560
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Davide Poberejskii
Founding Partner

Davide is one of the few Russian-speaking lawyers registered in Italy. He practices litigation and ADR, immigration, corporate and tax law, real estate, and family law. Many Russian associations in Italy rely on his advices, professionality, and integrity.

+39 02.80886791
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Oleg Akhtyrskyi

Oleg has an extensive experience in corporate and commercial law matters, with particular focus on outbound and inbound investments. He is a hands-on person on a number of projects in Italy originated from Eastern and Central Europe.

+39 02.80886791
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Zoia Stankovska

Zoia deals with general issues on corporate, commercial, and immigration law. Thanks to her international experience and multicultural background, Zoia efficiently guides clients in complex italian procedures. She has a keen interest in IP, Technology, and Media Law.

+39 02.80886791
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Savino Menna
Senior Associate

Savino Menna is an ICT and compliance law expert and a Data Protection Officer registered with Federprivacy. With a keen interest on Cyber Security, he is always focused on the regulatory developments, legal design and innovative IOT projects.

+39 02.80896560
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Riccardo Bonato

Riccardo Bonato has an academic and professional expertise in labour law. Author of several publications, he has a Bachelor Degree in Economy and a Doctorate Degree in Law. He is a member of the Bar Association in Madrid and in Rome.

+39 02.80896560
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Geraldo Santamaria
Of Counsel

Geraldo Santamaria is a lawyer, registered with the Portuguese Bar Association and the Brazilian Bar Association. Postgraduate in Commercial Criminal Law from the Faculty of Law of the University of Coimbra (Portugal).

+39 02.80886791
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We help to build effective corporate vehicles customised to particular needs of our clients. We assist in structuring corporate relationships between investors and shareholders.


We help to implement robust management procedures and advise on governance structuring, mergers&acquisitions, domestic and international group formation, etc.


We assist businesses throughout their life cycles on every contractual aspect of business operation, be it a simple commercial contract or a complex franchising or licensing transaction. LA&P helps to create a durable contract base to protect the current and future business interests of our clients.


We assess your company's current assets situation, analyse your cyber security risks and draft the guidelines to reach a full-compliance according to GDPR and implement a data driven strategy.


We constantly and effectively support your company to operate in full-compliance with all relevant laws and regulations (e.g. GDPR).


GDPR introduce the new mandatory role of the Data Protection Officer. LA&P can help to set a team which integrates all needed skills and knowledges (management, legal and IT) dedicated to your company.

IPR Management

We offer tailor-made solutions for effective and enforceable IP rights protection and management, representing creators of IP objects, software developers, inventors and artists, as well as investors, customers and employers. We advise on IP rights ownership transfer, assignment, exclusive and non-exclusive licensing, mortgages and other encumbrances over IP rights. We perform IP rights due diligence, help to protect confidential information and know-how. We have expertise in technology transfer.


We assist in registering copyrights and trademarks, obtaining patents to industrial designs, utility models and other IP objects, on an Italian, EU, and international level. Prior to registration we offer our clients a registrability or patentability checks, as well as advise on a general strategy of relevant application procedures.


We help our clients to build effective defence of their IP rights, fight in Italy and in other countries against cybersquatting, counterfeits, grey import, passing-off. We represent our clients in courts of all levels, as well as in out-of-court procedures and negotiations.


with our clients we elaborate the most suitable immigration model for each specific situation. Our primary goals are to bypass annual state quotes and avoid eventual consular refusals, suggesting the most reliable and secure tailored immigration models.


Personal migration is often linked with business relocation. We have established expertise on the matter and constantly feel the pulse of procedures changes. Many international companies rely on our proficiency and experience for the relocation of their employees and managers.


We represent our clients in all citizenship procedures from proper grounding and filing of citizenship requests to checking the current status and accelerating the applications. We assist on judicial requests for italian descendants citizenship.


Doing business in Italy is easy with the right team of professionals. Tax and legal aspects require a profound and comprehensive assessment adjusted to your business needs. Our team of sound professionals is ready to assist you to effectively ashore your business on italian markets.


Our team of professionals is ready to accompany your business abroad within the EU zone or globally. We work with the major jurisdictions and team up with local top professionals to cover nearly every aspect your business may need.


Our experience in international tax planning and business migration helps to effectively structure international businesses of our clients, avoiding reputation and business risks often attributable to certain territories. We help business groups to organise their internal business operations, including accountancy and compliance, intra-group financing, and transfer pricing.


Our team is ready to assist you in every court proceeding. We will proficiently and effectively advise you on the best strategy, weather it is the case to start a trial or to avoid it.

Debt collection/protection

We have extensive experience in representing our clients in debt collection, including actions against insolvent debtors and protecting interests of debtors against aggressive creditors.


Italian court procedures are often bureaucratized and time consuming. Alternative Dispute Resolution, or ADR, may be an effective solution to resolve commercial disputes. LA&P drives clients through local dispute resolution complexities to a desired result, sometimes avoiding a trial, saving your time and moneys.

Why choose us


Our team is trained to deliver a high level representation to our clients, both corporate and individuals.


We take all measures to protect the privacy and respect the privileges of our clients


We value the trust of our clients, we respect and honor professional values and high market standards.


Our tailor-made solutions are aimed at achieving the best possibile results in the most time efficient manner

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